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Guide to Buying a Mobile Home in Spain

The Property Market in Spain

As is the case with most other European countries, Spain has suffered from the downturn in the property market. Repossessions in Spain are up and property prices are down.

This may be good news if you are planing on buying bricks and mortar in Spain sometime soon as there are indeed some bargains out there to be had.

However, the mobile home market in Spain although still suffering at the hands of the recession is not as badly hit as other more permanent property types on the market.

This is due primarily to the fact that mobile homes are a lot less expensive than traditional apartments and houses and they tend to be sited on leasehold land as opposed to freehold. In addition mortgages on mobile homes tend to be few and very far between so the majority of mobile home owners are outright owners.

Mobile Homes in Spain

Mobile homes and caravans offer an excellent and versatile method of buying property in Spain. A cheap and easy way of climbing onto the property ladder in Spain, mobile homes offer the buyer the freedom to move around the country and take their home with them.

There are many residential and holiday parks around Spain offering short and long term stays. Certain mobile home parks in Spain can offer similar facilties to other European parks typically including gas, electricity, water and even internet connectivity.

Buying a Mobile Home in Spain

The actual process of buying a mobile home in Spain is fairly straightforward and is not restricted as much as buying bricks and mortar.

Most mobile home parks and caravan sites will allow you to rent a pitch from them for an anual fee from the outset. There are however, still some parks that offer freehold plots for sale in Spain that will allow you to actually own the plot of land that your mobile is sited on and pay a smaller ground rent to the park owners.

As with all purchases make sure that you have a contract written up with the property details, what's included and what is not. Also ensure that you talk direct with the mobile home park owners - that they are happy with you buying the mobile home or caravan and remaining on the site. Are there any restriction regarding age and condition of the units - these are all questions you need to ask the park owners before agreeing to buy.

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